Every day, Israel suffers at the hands of terrorists who seek to harm innocent men, women and children of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

Terror, and the threat of terror, destroys lives and fosters hatred. It must be prevented and the actions of those who want to harm the innocent must be stopped.

Israel needs a protective shield to defend the innocent.

Yatar Israel is a fully authorised and highly trained counter terrorism unit and a division of the Israel Security Forces that shields those that need defence.

Israel needs a protective shield

Yatar Israel’s volunteering officers are fully trained as membersof the Racers S.W.A.T. Unit, receiving orders from Border Police and National Israeli Police.

All of our combat volunteers come from elite IDF commando units or have extensive defense background. We report to, and co-operate directly with, local Police divisions, providing them with much needed support, especially during important operations that require immediate action and larger manpower. Yatar has become well known amongst security personal, and has earned the reputation of a well-oiled, experienced S.W.A.T. division.

Intercepting threats before they can negatively affect the lives of innocents

Counter terrorism interception requires speed, access and high impact. Yatar is Israel’s only compact all-terrain ATV unit.

ATVs make protection and safety possible. These powerful machines are essential to access the off-road terrain and narrow alleyways where terrorists prepare and retreat from their acts of terror.

Fully Equipped Yatar ATV

How can you help?

To maintain and expand Yatar Israel’s mission to make Israel a safer place, we have specific project requirements.

We need fully engaged and supportive partners to fund the costs of equipping each ATV unit and its officers, as we expand our operations to more at-risk areas across the State of Israel.

To effectively counter acts of terror, each area requires 4 ATV's and an average of 80 fully equipped volunteers.

Fully Equipped Yatar Officer

Join us to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the safety and future of israel


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For more information:

p: +972-50-308-9817 or in the US (212) 444-1709
e: info@yatarisrael.org

Yatar Israel

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